Plastex Reprocessing
To our Clients:

In March of 1994 the reprocessing operation was created to process excess or rejected plastic parts and pieces produced in Puerto Rico. Our reprocessing factory consists of 25 to 75 HP Rapid Granulator grinders and Vecoplan shredders. In addition, we have elutriation systems, metal separators and detectors, plus other inspection equipment that allow us to separate fines and other contaminants to offer a clean, fine free product to our customers. Currently we are handling over 8 million pounds of product per year which we export worldwide.

We pride ourselves on our quality and go to extensive efforts of keeping our regrinds free of contamination. Every gaylord is identified as to the source of the material and no two sources of the same grade of material are mixed in the same box though the materials might be identical. Each box is labeled as to the type of material, source, date and shift of when it was processed. All this information is computerized and real time inventory is available on this website.  We use full liners to seal and protect material being shipped. We package in gaylords and supersacks. Your shipment may include either, see representative pictures below.

To our Suppliers:

We offer to pick up scrap at any location in Puerto Rico on a weekly basis. If the volume warrants it, we will park a trailer at our cost at our suppliers shipping dock to allow the scrap to be removed from the molding room floor as fast as it is produced in order to keep your molding area clean and neat at all times. We will also certify as to the destruction of any critical plastic parts that have to be destroyed.

The advantages of this service is that it allows your personnel to concentrate on the essential work of producing good parts and not have to worry about grinding, storing and reusing the scrap.  We offer to return your scrap for your reuse as clean regrind, segregated by type and color for a nominal fee.

By allowing us to handle your scrap, you reduce storage space in your plant, labor costs, spare parts cost, maintenance costs and down time of your molding press by not waiting to clean the press grinder and make it ready for production. The other major savings is electrical costs. For example a 3hp beside the press grinder running 24 hours per day all year will consume in electricity at least $2,000/yr at $0.20/kw hr.

Don't let your scrap eat away your profits. Using our reprocessing center will resolve your scrap handling problems and increase your profits. Contact us for more information.