Makrolon Polycarbonate, Texin Polyurethane, Bayblend Polycarbonate/ABS, Makroblend Polycarbonate/Polyester (Puerto Rico only)
Bergen International
Foaming and nucleating agents for reductions in sink mark, weight, cycle time, etc. in injection, extrusion and foam.
Masterbatch colorants, additives
Plastex Corporation
Commodity resins, PVC compound rigid and flexible
Masterbatch additives including laser marking, anti-statics, lubricants, slip, anti-fog, processing aid, fragrances, PP melt flow modifiers, Peroxide cross linking agents, release aids, and clarifying agents
Riverdale Color
Liquid colorants and additives for plastics
Starex EPS, PS, SAN, ABS and Clear ABS; Staren PBT and MPPE (PPO); Starsen PPS
Willowridge Plastics
PDQ oxo-biodegradeable additives for all applications including food contact