PLASTEX CORPORATION is a manufacturer's representative and distribution company established since 1980 with the aim of servicing the Caribbean's industry, specializing in serving the plastics segment.  The company has a broad line of suppliers representing both raw materials and equipment.  Our solid reputation in sales and service makes PLASTEX CORPORATION the most trusted name in plastics throughout the Caribbean.

          In March 1994 the reprocessing operation was established to work with post-industrial plastics.  The material is segregated by type and color, ground, cleaned, processed, packed and resold.  It is mainly exported.

          The group has over 20 active employees, and over 100 years of experience in the plastics industry.  We have more practical and technical knowledge than any other organization in the Caribbean.  Our people have bachelors and masters degrees from MIT, Stanford, UPR, McGill and have worked with Nypro, Thomas & Betts, Flexible Packaging, Pfizer, Stryker, Pall, and Owens-Illinois among others.  Our chairman founded Nypro Puerto Rico in 1973.

Customer Service ... Our pride

          At PLASTEX CORPORATION you will find personalized service. Our unique teamwork provides a superior service.

Sales and Technical Support ... Our specialty

          Our proficient Sales force will help select the right product.  We offer highly trained support and service and local stock of some critical spare parts. PLASTEX CORPORATION'S technical expertise will ensure the success of our customer's operation.  Our knowledge is a key part of our value, and is shared freely.

Loyalty ... Our existence

          Developing customer and supplier loyalty is our key objective.  Loyalty is much more than satisfaction, it is a degree of commitment that is the base of our business.  Loyalty allow us to invest in our customers and suppliers (training, time, etc.) without the previous commitment of an order.  Loyalty is a desire to work with us sharing information (company, future plans, market, competition).  PLASTEX CORPORATION aims to form a partnership with its customers, which includes mutual trust.

          At PLASTEX CORPORATION we realize that every sale is composed of more than just the order, including stages of identifying needs, product familiarization, order placement, and technical support.  Each one of these being important with support being the most valuable to our customers.  We are committed to the long-term success of each one of our customers.  At PLASTEX CORPORATION we realize that this is the only SURE thing.

         Our commitment is to the success of our customers companies.

Excellence, Quality and Performance ... The basis of our product lines...